Service Archive

by Mt Colah Uniting Church

Those who may have been unable to attend a service can find archived recordings of recent sermons here.


10/03/2024 1 Tim 4:6-16 Rev Nich Cole “Discipline of reading the scriptures”
03/03/2024 Romans 12:3-13 Rev Nich Cole “Discipline of Service”
25/02/2024 Lev 23:1-3, Matt 6:16-18 Rev Nich Cole “Discipline of fasting and the sabbath”
18/02/2024 Phil 2:1-13 Rev Nich Cole “Discipline of submission”
04/02/2024 Mark 1: 29-39 Rev Nich Cole “Healing Peter’s Mother-in-law”
28/01/2024 Mark 1:21-28 Rev Nich Cole “Driving out the demon”
21/01/2024 Mark 1:14-20 Rev Nich Cole “The calling of disciples”
31/12/2023 Matt 2:1-12 Rev Nich Cole “Epiphany time with the Magi”
25/12/2023 Luke 2:4-20 Rev Nich Cole “It’s about the punchline”
19/11/2023 Matt 25:31-46 Rev Nich Cole “The sheep and the goats”
12/11/2023 Matt 25:14-30 Rev Nich Cole “The parable of the talents”


22/10/2023 Genesis 24:32-38, 42–49, Ecclesiates: 11:1-5 Laurie Selby “Faith and trust takes many forms – so cast your bread upon the waters”
15/10/2023 Job 1:13-22, Psalm 78:1-8 Rev Tay “Refocusing our Vision in the midst of chaos & confusion”
08/10/2023 Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-21, Philippians 3:4b-14, Matthew 21:33-46 Rev Punam Bent


15/10/2023 Psalm 32 Rev Nich Cole “Forgiveness of sin, freedom from guilt”
24/09/2023 Matt 20:1-16 Rev Nich Cole “Workers in the vineyard”
10/09/2023 Matt 18:15-20 Rev Nich Cole “Lets deal with sin”
03/09/2023 Matt 16:21-28 Rev Nich Cole “Humans wrestle with Gods way”