Frequently Asked Questions

No. Gardening is conducted on a shared basis – shared plots, shared work, shared produce.

Absolutely. There is a Garden Operating Group which manages all operational aspects of the garden and volunteers are always valued to manage communications, fund raising, maintenance & risk management, etc. Until our rainwater tanks can be installed, there is also a watering roster and other opportunities to be involved in garden up keep and operation.

Yes,  the garden is available to all members of the community, from all backgrounds and beliefs. Use of the garden may be terminated if individuals do not abide by the philosophy and conduct stipulated in our Charter. All garden users are required to read and abide by the Charter which is available here.

Assistance animals are the only animals allowed to be brought into the garden.

Garden users are encouraged to suggest and provide plants keeping in mind that all produce is to be shared equitably. The Garden Operating Group governs all planting and harvesting activities undertaken in the garden.

Of course. All users of the garden are required to log their attendance on site for each visit and children are to be listed on this register accordingly.

Parents or caregivers retain full responsibility of all persons under the age of 18 who attend the garden in their care and under their supervision.

No. Hand tools and equipment is provided in the garden shed for community use (including gloves, trowels, shovels, wheelbarrow, sunscreen).

The garden is very accessible by public transport being a short walk from Mt Colah train station (no lift access) and there is also a bus stop on the highway right in front of the garden.
There is also plenty of on site parking available.

Simply join us on one of our scheduled working bees. Our Participant Registration Form is available here.

Produce is shared equitably amongst those participating in the garden. Generally food is shared on the day it is harvested to those in attendance and there is potential for creation of a “garden gate” for distribution of any remaining produce.

The Mt Colah Neighbourhood Garden is available to all participants free of charge.

No. Whilst the use of chemicals or pesticides has to be approved by the Garden Operating Group, in cases where natural remedies are ineffective, synthetic based solutions may be used.

Yes, although this access is primarily across lawn. Most garden beds are raised off the ground.
Disabled parking spaces are also available.

Current facilities available include:

    • Locked garden shed
    • Open compost bins for garden waste
    • Vermin-proof compost bin for food scraps
    • Gazebo & seating
    • Potting table
    • 6 raised beds for food gardening
    • 1 espalier bed
    • 1 cucurbits bed (pumpkins, zucchinis, rockmelon, etc.)
    • Toilets are available during scheduled opening times

The garden is available for food gardening activities at scheduled times. These times are communicated via this website, our Facebook page and email newsletter.

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