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About us

The Mt Colah Neighbourhood Garden project was initiated in early 2015 by the members of the Mt Colah Uniting Church. The decision was taken to share the wonderful large garden area, adjoining the church building, as a community space to be used by all members of the Mt Colah community, from all backgrounds and beliefs.

The garden is intended to create a safe, welcoming and inclusive space for ALL members of the community, to come together in friendship, and to work together in the pursuit of developing a beautiful floral garden and sustainable and plentiful food garden. There is also a space, with a lovely gazebo which is surrounded by attractive and sensory plantings. This Peace Garden is designed to be experienced for its beauty and tranquility, apart from, and complementary to, the food growing areas.

The garden seeks to contribute to a sense of community in Mt Colah and to provide:

    • A place where people from the community can garden and learn to garden or simply meet together in a safe and welcoming space
    • An opportunity for those from similar backgrounds to form community(s)
    • A place where neighbours can share together and support one another, sharing friendship and resources
    • Community and support to those who: are alone or isolated by cultural background, age, illness, living alone or other reasons; are in physical, emotional or spiritual need; need fresh food, exercise or stimulation, or; are underprivileged in any way

The primary focus of the Mt Colah Neighbourhood Garden at this time will be food gardening and the growth and sharing of edible crops. There will be a focus on sustainability with the inclusion of water tanks, composting and mulching. Recycled materials will be sourced and used where possible or practical and consideration will be given to ensuring high water and energy efficiency in the garden.

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An activity of the Mt Colah Uniting Church.