About us


As a family oriented congregation we feel that God is calling us to work with Him to:

  • proclaim the good news of salvation,
    nurture and teach adults, youth and children who come into this congregation in a loving and caring environment,
  • provide an environment in which members can express their gifts and talents in the service of God,
  • connect with surrounding communities to provide spiritual guidence, nurturing, community building and social programs, and
  • support and where possible participate in the work and mission of the Uniting Church throughout Australia and the wider church in the world.


We strive to be a people of compassion and outreach who carry the love of Christ to the wider society. We aim to support others by sharing our gifts, talents and blessings through many activities.

  • Busy Bee Craft Group – community craft group 9:30 am till 12:30 pm Thursday mornings of school terms at the church
  • Scripture in schools
  • Caring support to people in need
  • Soul Impact – music and songs
  • Financial support to overseas and Australian missions
  • Community Christmas Carols
  • Making our facilities available to community groups


We have a good time including:

  • retreats and camps
  • women’s social events like coffee and cake nights
  • men’s social events like breakfasts and 4x4w trips
  • team work in working bees
  • fundraising events like fetes, garage sales and trivia nights